Sunday, August 14, 2016

Made in Margate's Thanet Open Studio event opens today

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We opened our Made in Margate's Thanet Open Studios yesterday at the Viking Gallery. 25 artists from Thanet are showing a wide range of work, including glass, prints, paintings, photography, textiles, jewellery and ceramics.
Triston Wallace shows a visitor his photographs

Ian Barrowcliffe talks to visitors about his glass sculptures.
The event is part of Thanet Open Studios who have produced a pocket guide to all the studios, homes and galleries taking part this year.
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Tris Kennedy and Marion Armstrong

Lovely to see so many visitors and make sales too.  Lots of affordable art for people to buy here.

Joan Ward with her felt clothes, hats and jewellery
Debbie Hughes with her sea glass work
We have tables upstairs with felt clothing and jewellry, automata and glass sculptures and prints, paintings, photography and illustration downstairs with some glass wear and ceramics.
Megan Metcalf sorts her prints

Lesley Gray hanging work with Jose Fonseca

Ope today Sunday 14th and then Thursday 18th till Sunday 21st 12-6pm  all welcome. Viking Gallery Cliftonville Ave Margate.  CT9 2AH

Julie Caves and H Locke hanging work

Moon themed work by Wendy Le Ber

Pictures by Dosh Archer

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Made in Margate's Open Studio Event at the Viking Gallery

Work by Wendy Le Ber
Felt work by Janet Webzell
Made in Margate are organizing an Open Studio Event as part of Thanet Open Studios this year.
We are holding the event in the Viking Gallery, Cliftonville Ave, Margate.

Work by Tracy Davidson
We have 25 artists taking part and our opening is on Saturday 13th August 6-8pm. The exhibition is open Sat/Sun 13th and 14th August and Thurs 18th / Sunday 21st 12-6pm.
Jewellery by Deni Case

The Thanet Open Studios has a guide available from outlets on it's facebook page here.
Studios and homes are open in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and Westgate.

Photography by Mel Chennell
Painting by Lesley Gray

We have artists showing felt pictures and clothes, printmakers, portrait artists, mixed media pictures, painting, jewellery, glass sculptures and ceramics, photography,  automata and light scucptures.

Painting by Julie Caves

Portrait by Tristan Kennedy

So an amazing diversity of artists from Thanet, with art for sale and a chance to meet the artists on Saturday 13th 6-8pm.
Photography by Triston Wallace

Come along and enjoy the art and refreshments on offer.

Work by Leilah Leask

Glass sculptures by Ian Barrowcliffe

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Working with the Theme of Circles.

Inspired by the current exhibition Seeing Round Corners at Turner Contemporary , I have been exploring circles in my work. I have also been working in Blank Canvas with circles and ephemeral works like bubbles.

It is interesting to see how universal an image, form and symbol the circle is.

Bouy on the harbour in Margate.

The eclipse of the sun.
Symbolic forms.

Most of my circles have been drawings and paintings of full moons, or planets. I am drawn to the moon and its symbolism and power.

At Blank Canvas we've been using liquids to make bubbles, ink, paint and glitter and blowing mounds of bubbles, watching them move, pop and dissolve. Making prints from the bubbles and photographing them.

I like the way that the structure of the bubbles starts to look like wire sculptures and the reflections can look like crystals suspended on a framework.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Visit to the Seekers Trust

It was good to have some time at the Seekers Trust in Addington recently. The little flats are set in gardens with a wood next door to explore and a large pond. The seekers website here.

I have been going for some years for solitary retreats and creative stays and appreciate the healing chapels and Angelic connections.

Ruth and I went this time, armed with loads of water soluble media and my cameras. I enjoyed drawing with the water soluble crayons, pens, and coloured Inktense crayons.

As well as the woods and rose garden I drew the cherry tree outside our flat and used the spiritual connections and library to draw alchemical notes and Buddhas.

We also went to Aylesford Priory, and I was drawn to all the ancient trees around the site including a huge plane tree and fir at the back of the Priory. Their old barn, now a cafe and shop, was being re thatched, interesting to watch the craftsmen at work.

We came away with some pottery from the Aylesford Pottery founded by David Leach in the 1950's